May 25th Report

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May 25th Report

Postby Captain Jay Kavanagh » Wed May 25, 2016 5:15 pm

Man, what a day!

Old friends from Ohio, found out that they are actually Mountaineers like me!

We set out and had a good flurry on large gaffer dolphin right off the bat.

The change was crowded so we fished offshore looking for something else.

Out of nowhere a big blue marlin jumped completely out of the water after pinky.

she came off and appeared behind my shotgun bruiser.

she slurped it down and it was on.

tailwalked all over after she got hooked ran off a bunch of line then settled down for the fight.

Russ was the man on the rod for three solid hours and was able to bring her to the leader briefly before she ran off some more line and eventually pulling the hook.

While technically we got the release, we were all hoping to put her on deck to see how big she really was.

We never got to take a gaff attempt.

A conservative estimate would be in the 700 pound range.


Anyway, everyone on board was physically and emotionally drained.

We fished back in and had a couple more bites, including raising a white and a sail but no more hookups other than dolphin.

everyone exhausted we called it an early day.

Thanks guys.

Captain Jay Kavanagh
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