October 31st Report

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October 31st Report

Postby Captain Jay Kavanagh » Thu Nov 02, 2017 7:54 am

Sorry for the delay in the post, we were experiencing technical difficulties at the Bite Me Sportfishing Corporate Headquarters.

The IT department did a great job getting everyone back on line!

The Bobs joined us for a really pretty weather day on Halloween!

We set out and caught a nice blackfin, and saw them on top with birds on them, so we had high hopes.

Caught another one and saw them again, had another bite we missed.

Then it shut off.

Marked them a couple of times and rode around and caught one more small one.

Finally after driving around looking at a really pretty mark for a while, we decided to drop a jig down to see if we could get the blackfins on the jig.

Bob caught a nice Amberjacked that was eaten by the sharks!


Caught a dolphin and lost another.

Really pretty day, see you in the spring Bobs!

Captain Jay Kavanagh
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