Baby Geese

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Baby Geese

Postby tackleprincess » Fri May 20, 2011 5:51 am

It's Spring and baby Geese are hanging out with their parents in the creek behind the store right now. Joe and I have been going out to watch them (at a safe distance--we don't want to tangle with that Gander!) Joe really likes seeing the babies following along with the big geese.

The other day we went out to see them just as Grandaddy Bryan was arriving at the store on his motorcycle. That was more exciting then baby geese--until we realized the baby geese were parked in Grandaddy's parking spot! They have not been that close to the store! See if you can spot them:


After trying to decide if they wanted to stand down the motorcycle, the parents made a move to move on!

Joe stood still and we waited for them to come around the side of the yard and head back to the creek. Here they come!

And then they found the water and took off! We saw them later that day, so they weren't too scared!

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