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Postby tackleprincess » Fri Jun 10, 2011 6:10 am

Jay and I have resorted to a reward program for Potty Training. Joe just did not seem interested in going to the potty on his own. He would go if you took him, but not on his own. So, my friend Karla did something similar for her son who is Joe's age and it worked. Joe gets to put a magnet the fridge when he goes potty when we ask him, he gets to put 2 magnets up if he tells us he has to go. When he gets 10 magnets, he gets to pick out a new book! I got a bunch of $1 and $2 books from Scholastic before school let out to prepare! So far, so good! Joe has only had 2 accidents in two days---instead of changing diapers all day! He is excited about going potty and getting magnets, and he earned his first book in 2 days!

Joe and Jay celebrate his first goal!

Jay, Joe, and Maybelle pick out Joe's first book!

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