Mid July Fun

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Mid July Fun

Postby tackleprincess » Sat Jul 16, 2011 7:16 am

Joe's Adventures continue.....

Joe has had a very busy week. He has worked at the store every day and helped out there a lot. He has started a book program at the local library where he earns points for the books he reads and then gets a little treat or toy when he reaches a certain number. And he has joined Jay and I on several Bite Me related evenings. He is also taking care of a new pet, Hans the Hermit Crab, and learning to do new things.

Hans(borough) the Hermit Crab was a gift from our friends Thomas and Sheila. He got named because of his Carolina Blue shell. Hans is a cute little guy and Joe loves to pull his chair up to the counter to check on him. He helps give Hans his food and water. He even brings toys up to show Hans, like his new motorcycle. Hans politely looked at it.


Joe has also been working on learning daily skills like brushing his teeth. I have been brushing his teeth for him since his first little tooth popped through. Then as Joe got old enough, I would brush them then let Joe practice on his own. Now, he can brush all by himself!

Last weekend was the dinner and dance at the end of the Hatteras Grand Slam tournament. Joe had a large time! He loves a band and he danced the night away! First I danced with him, then he broke out with some moves of his own! He is all wet from spilling water at the water fountain all over him!

See you all next week!
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