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Busy Joe

Postby tackleprincess » Sat Jul 23, 2011 6:46 am

Joe worked hard at the store this week. He was very good considering we were late on the naps several days! He has fun playing in his "office" and playing with his "store dogs." Joe loves Sailor and Genger and they are very good to him!

Joe loves Sailor:

Joe loves Genger:

Last night Joe was my date for the Frisco Jubilee Music show here in the village. It is so much fun, if you like traditional music, you should check them out Fri nights at 7:30 at the Little Grove Church. Joe likes him some live music, and he will even get up and dance if they play a fast song! It is hard to keep him from being a distraction, but at least he is quiet! The musicians got a kick out of him last night and brought him up to do the final song. He didn't freak out, but he wouldn't sing either!
I can't believe he got up there!
Afterwards, I asked him if he liked being up on stage (because he didn't look like he liked it) and he said,"Yaaaaaahhhh!"
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