August begins!

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August begins!

Postby tackleprincess » Sat Aug 06, 2011 7:06 am

Joe had a busy week between work, the boat, and a week bookended with birthdays. He and I went to the Bite Me to help celebrate Jay's big Sailfish catch! Jay and Jeremy had 11 Sailfish releases one day! We went to Great Grandmama Georgia's house to celebrate her 82 birthday! Joe was very sweet with her and as gentle as a 3 yr old can be. He helped open packages for her and brought her a slice of birthday cake. He also played an original composition for her on her piano, but that was rather horrible. She cheered for him as if it was beautiful, she is a good sport. We did regular stuff too, went to work everyday, and went to the coffee shop everyday. Joe loves the coffee shop and has been going since he was about a month old. The Dancing Turtle in Hatteras is owned by Joe's Godparents, Steve and Edie Coulter, and he thinks it is his own. Joe is friends with all the regulars and knows his way around the front and back of the counter. Everyone is so kind to him and it is a special time of our day every morning. Joe headed into the coffee shop with his "stuff."
Once inside, Joe opens up his bag to find the right cars to play with for the day. Cars are a pretty good coffee shop toy because they are quiet!
This bag of cars was given to Joe by Mr. George and Ms Ellen, coffee shop regulars who are like an extra set of Grandparents for Joe. Joe trades cars with Mr George and they play games together. He is so cute when he sees them come in the door he gets so excited! Here he is playing while they look on from their table. That is his milk getting warm on the table while he plays...
We finished up the week with Grammie Susie's birthday! Joe and I were in charge of the cake. He helped in every stage in the cake making process. He likes to stir, and put ingredients in, and decorate! Here he is starting the cake baking! Image It even tasted good, so he did a good job! We had fun celebrating her birthday, going out to eat at Dinky's and the next night going to the Frisco Jubilee for music. Joe was really good at dinner, and somewhat good at the Jubilee, but we made it without any big incident. Joe loves his Grammie!
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