Another August week gone by

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Another August week gone by

Postby tackleprincess » Sat Aug 13, 2011 2:32 am

Boy, has it been HOT! This has kept Joe and I from doing a lot of outside stuff these days. And we are at the height of the summer tourist season so we have been busy at work! Joe has been a really good sport about working extra hours. He is always excited about coming to work and seeing everyone. One of his favorite people to see is Ms. Noreen, who works on the grocery side of the store. They are pals. Their favorite thing to do together is to go outside and find our store cat, Callie. They give her a treat together and take a break for some playtime. Joe loves Callie, and it is good we have a store cat he can play with because Jay is allergic, so no cats at home for us! We don't want Daddy to sneeze all the time! Joe, Callie and Ms. Noreen visit:
Another good thing to do on a hot summer afternoon....take a nap in the air conditioning! Joe, Maybelle, and I settle in for a cuddle together. I love my "kids!"
Thank goodness for Daddy coming by after he is in for the day to take Joe for some fun, outside of the store, time! Here they are getting ready to go for a boat ride in the Carolina Skiff. This is fun for Daddy, Joe, and Maybelle! Joe has finally outgrown his red hat that he has had to wear in the sun for the past 2 years. I cried a little when I packed the old thing away! Now he is sporting a new, Frisco Rod and Gun, kid sized cap. He is very proud of his new (grown up) hat!
See you all next week!
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