Joe's week-Part 2

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Joe's week-Part 2

Postby tackleprincess » Sun Aug 21, 2011 8:11 am

Joe's week improved after the meltdown outside on Sunday. Tuesday was the last kids program at the library and it was about a type of instrument from the land "Down Under" called a Didgeridoo. At first we sat down and Joe was like, what are we doing here and who is that guy......
Then he started playing this instrument that was as big as a tree. Joe learned they were made from trees. The musican got the kids to clap hands and ask lots of questions. Joe thought this guy is allright!
He told them all about his trips to Australia and the people and animals he met there. He told them about the culture and history of the country and the music. Then he played and played and played and got the kids to dance and dance and dance! And we know who likes to dance.....
Still more adventures tomorrow! We did a lot of stuff this week!
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