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Pricing and Frequently Asked Questions

Offshore/Gulfstream-Full Day $1600

  • All Licenses, Bait, Ice and Tackle Included
  • It is customary to tip the mate 10 - 20%
  • $500 deposit is due within 10 days of making a reservation
  • Due to uncertain fuel costs, rates subject to change

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    Tournaments are a great way to test your skill as an angler and compete against other world class sportsmen. We are currently accepting reservations to fish the following tournaments.

    May - Hatteras Village Offshore Open available
    June - The Big Rock available
    July - Hatteras Grand Slam booked
    July - NC DU Band the Billfish available
    August - The White Marlin Open available
    August - Pirate's Cove Billfish available

    We Are Available for any other tournament you would like to fish!

    2016 Hatteras Grand Slam

    Largest Dolphin

    2006 Hatteras Grand Slam

    3rd Place

    Ocean City White Marlin Open

    11th Overall - 2003

    Top 10% Overall - 2002

    2002 Ocean City Tuna Tournament

    4th Place Total Pounds

    Hatteras East/West

    2014 - Top Billfish Boat

    2011 - Top Billfish Boat

    2009 - Top Billfish Boat

    Aftco Tag and Flag

    2005 Marlin Award

    2002 Marlin Award

    2001 Bluefin Tuna Award

    If you are interested in tournament fishing, please email Captain Jay to discuss tournament rates.

    Trip may be cancelled at the discretion of the Captain due to inclement weather. Every effort will be made to inform parties traveling to fish with us of possible bad weather. Party is expected to be at the dock ready to fish, unless otherwise notified. Trips must be canceled prior to two weeks of fish date in order to receive deposit refund, otherwise trip will be rescheduled. If possible provide Captain Jay with a local phone number. Cancellations due to weather will be rescheduled or receive a full refund.

    We've assembled some of our most frequently asked questions regarding our charter trips. If you can't find the answer you're looking for here, please contact us through email or give us a call at 252-996-0295.

    We'll be happy to assist you - and if we don't have the answer, we'll make one up!
    Q: What do we need to bring with us on a fishing trip?

    A: Food and beverages, suntan lotion and sunscreen (preferably lotion, not oil), sunglasses (polarized lenses if possible), cameras and plenty of film. Your captain furnishes all bait and tackle.

    Q: May I bring an observer along as an extra person?

    A: No, US Coast Guard regulations limit the number of passengers to no more than 6 people whether they are fishing or not.

    Q: Will you guarantee that we’ll catch fish?

    A: If there was a guarantee they’d call it "catching" not "fishing"! Our Captain and Mates are trained professionals. Sportfishing is not their hobby, it is their chosen profession. While we constantly produce fine catches there are never any guarantees in fishing. However, the waters off the Carolina coast are famous for their bountiful catches. Chances are you’ll catch fish.

    Q: What happens to the fish we catch?

    A: All fish caught on a charter are the property of the charter*, that's you, you get to keep the fish. However, we must comply with all rules and regulations of the NMFS (National Marine Fisheries Service). Specific size, bag limits and release regulations apply according to the various species. *The one exception is Bluefin Tuna when the General Catagory is Open.

    Q: Are fish cleaning services available?

    A: Yes, experienced fish cleaners are available to clean and bag your catch upon your return to the dock. The boys will clean your fish for a minimal fee.

    Q: If I catch a trophy fish, how do I make arrangements to mount it?

    A: Captain Jay can take care of ordering a mount for you. In the event that you catch a billfish (blue marlin, white marlin, spearfish or sailfish) we encourage you to release the fish. It is still possible to have a mount ordered of your trophy. Have your captain estimate the size of your fish; they are all experienced with the procedure.

    Q: What is a customary tip for the Mate?

    A: Mates depend on tips to augment their income. As a general rule, tip like you would in a restaurant – 15% to 20% of the charter price, more or less depending on the service.

    Q: What will we be fishing for?

    A: Many species of fish reside off our coast at different times of the year. Check the what we catch page for a rundown on what’s biting when.

    Q: Do we need a fishing permit?

    A: Nope.

    Q: Can we buy beer the morning of our trip?

    A: North Carolina law prohibits the sale of alcohol before 10:00 AM daily and Noon on Sundays. Buy your refreshments the night before your trip (before Midnight!).