What's Bitin'

We experience excellent fishing throughout the year,
here is an overview of what we catch and when.

During these months, also December, we often have to play the weather. The main target is the Great Bluefin Tuna. Fisherman travel great distances to experience the thrill of doing battle with these magnificent fighters. We see a migration of Bluefins ranging from 75 to 550 pounds, often they are found around the wrecks, the Rock Pile and the Rocks.

Closer to the beach, we catch King Mackerel. Often, near the shoals we catch Rockfish (Stripers) along with Red Drum.

In the winter, Yellowfins are also caught. These Yellowfin typically weigh 30 pounds average and are great fighters, as well as great table fare. The Yellowfins are often mixed in with Blackfin Tuna, so be ready for anything!

In early spring, Yellowfin Tuna take center stage. These are great fighting fish with often multiple hookups. It is not unusual to hook one on every line, quickly catching a limit of fish! They're also great to eat.

Marlin and dolphin begin to show up in May as the water temperatures start to rise. The fishing in May largely depends upon the water temps. If the temperatures stay cool the yellowfins stay around longer but when the temps begin to rise the Marlins and Dolphin begin to appear.

June and July are big months for Dolphin, Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Sailfish, and Yellowfin Tuna.

August means pretty weather and good fishing. This is the time of year when the weather is usually the most settled and offers a good chance to get a really pretty day for your fishing. As for the fish, plenty of dolphin with tuna, wahoo and billfish to boot!

As the weather starts to cool a bit, the fishing starts to heat up, continued fishing for dolphin, wahoo, tunas and billfish with an early shot at some King Macs on the live bait.

Hatteras in the fall means Excellent Fishing. We usually get a pretty good fall tuna bite of Yellowfins and BlackFins. Live Bait King Mackeral action at its finest, and typically good Giant Bluefin in December! Don't forget Rockfish and Red Drum possibilities.